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to get a list of the top GIC rates available through GP Wealth Management. Please contact your GP advisor for more information regarding any of the above investments.

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Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Low risk with guaranteed returns

Striking a balance between high-growth and low-risk investments is a key strategy for creating a portfolio protected from market volatility. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) are a conservative low-risk investment vehicle that offer a dependable rate of return over a fixed term.

Daily GIC Rates Benefits of GIC Investing Investment Protection
Now you have access to our top daily GIC rates from 30 day to 5 year terms.
  • Gauranteed Rates
  • Ladder your maturity dates
  • No fee account
GIC's provided by GP Wealth Management are protected by Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)
Top GIC Rates   Learn more
With access to a full range of GICs featuring competitive interest rates and flexible terms, making them a practical addition to a diversified portfolio is easy.
  Here are some of the many features and options available:  
  • 30 days to 5 year terms
  • Competitive interest rates guaranteed for the full term
  • Cash or reinvested interest payments
  • Interest payment frequency options
  • Eligible for registered investment plans
  • Simplified record-keeping

Ask your Financial Advisor which GIC options are right for you.

Getting Advice Stay current with us
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